Sunday, June 3, 2012

The news: breaking it

February and March, 2012
At first it didn't seem too real, and no one believed it anyway so that helped.  But after skypeing a few times with the headmaster it did seem real and Brian and I made a pros and cons list for moving to Rio.  The boys' education--pro column.  Learning language--pro column.  Selling everything...Bri didn't hesitate for a second--pro column.  My career--pro column.  The only thing that landed in the con column was that Brian's work will be quite different from what he is used to, but I pointed out that it could pretty easily land in the pro column.
During a late night Sunday skype late in March we didn't realize someone was wide awake in bed, listening to every word.  Monday Mack went to school and drew a large apartment building, announcing to his class (which would be my place of employment as well) that we are moving to "Bercil."  So begins the long process of it all sinking in.
Running around to collect original documents, getting them certified by the Secretary of State, getting them consularized by the Brazilian Consulate, having lunch at the Purple Pig with my sister and nieces.  FedEx them all off, tracking them every few hours because it feels like a big thing.  
As we shared the news people fell into two camps:  immediately amazed and enthusiastic (we have definitely advanced in standing!), or initially protesting but eventually seeing that it could be super cool.
Waiting.  Starting to correspond frequently with people at the school, getting ready by buying a car (Peugot), having a rummage sale (there will be more), drawing down our possessions in many ways, going to Portuguese lessons (that is me getting it back so we can get around).
When Addison is told "no" he now asks "Will I be able to in Brazil?"

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